How to Become a Hardcore Sports Fan

Found this article online and thought I would post it for you to consider if you truly want to become the most Hardcore Sports Fan!

Legends is the home of Utah’s most die hard fans! Shout out to the crazy Utes Fans of ours, the Nebraska and Florida Alumni Clubs, the Niner Empire, our Die Hard Grizzlies Fans, our Jazz faithful, and of course the rest of our crazy sports loving fans that come into the bar regularly!

1. Find a sport that you really enjoy. Usually sports that you enjoy are the ones that you play yourself, appreciate, and/or know the rules. This helps you enjoy the sport more.
2. Find a team in your area that plays your sport. Sometimes, it does not have to be always a professional team. It can just be your local high school’s football team, or basketball team, etc. You can still go nuts at any game!
3. Get to know the players. Once you have found the team you want to root for, start learning each player’s name. So maybe when that player did something spectacular, you can yell, “Nice job (player’s name)!”
4. Learn the chants and like yell them out loud. Try to know what chants that other fans yell during the game. If you know the chants, you can yell them out loud without being a fool. If you can, start a chant!
5. You high-five everyone. When something crazy goes on, you high five everyone! Not just your family, but all the people around you! I went so nuts one time I even high-fived the usher! Literally, it was true.
6. You need to get to the game early. Real fans get autographs from the players. Also, it gives you a chance to buy food before the game so you won’t miss any action during crunch time.
7. Last but not least, a true hardcore fan stays till the end of the game. “It aint over till its over” Even if your team is down by like 30 you still stay in your sit until the game is over.


* Usually, you should yell and support your team until you lose your voice.
* Get fired up before the game-It helps other fans get pumped up too.
* Wear something to show your support for the team. You don’t have to wear everything that represents your favorite team, but maybe just a shirt that has your team’s name on it or a cap that shows their name would just do fine.
* When you celebrate, celebrate with all the fans! Age does not matter during these times; its the spirit that the person has that counts.
* Bring your friends to a game! The more, the merrier as I say.
* Read Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby, which is the Bible of obsessive sports fans. It will teach you how to like a sports team (in Hornby’s case, Arsenal FC) and still have an active life.
* Although you can like a team not from your area, many people tend to frown upon it.


* Do not heckle fans that support another team unless other people are heckling them. Usually heckling creates fights, and that could get you arrested, which is not pretty.
* Be smart about what you’re doing. For example, don’t be an idiot and run onto a baseball field during the game. You’ll get kicked out and maybe arrested.
* Try not to do things where you might get bagged on if your team losses the game.

Things You’ll Need

* Yourself
* Maybe some friends
* Money, of course
* A foam finger
* Something to support your team
* And spirit!
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