Regular Sports Bar visits are good for your health.

Legends was recently the testing ground for some experiments on human happiness. We had the privilege of hosting a very distinguished group of scientists and their research was overwhelming.

Here are a few of their findings:

  1. Going to a common area to eat and watch sports promotes healthy yelling and screaming which releases endorphins.
  2. Sports Bars have bartenders, bartenders have alcohol, alcohol daily keeps your blood thin, which is good.
  3. When you walk from your car into the bar you burn calories you wouldn’t normally burn on your couch.
  4. Raising your arms to cheer for your team is almost a jumping jack and that is exercise, and exercise is good.
  5. Representing your team in a public place is a show of courage (like that BYU fan who came in last week, GO UTES!).
  6. Having someone else cook your food and make your drinks eliminates stress and helps you relax.
  7. When your team loses you have more options for coping: alcohol, pool, Wii, alcohol, darts, alcohol, beer, hot wings, etc…
  8. It is like being at the stadium except you don’t have to pay for parking, or pay $6 for a small popcorn.
  9. Watching multiple teams/sports on multiple screens helps keep you well informed and mentally sharp.
  10. Maybe the most important of all: BEER. Many different brews, bottled, on tap, in a glass, stein, and most importantly in your belly.

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